Our Services

Due Effe promises you the highest standard of efficiency and maximum professionalism in debt collection sector by constant debtor supervision, managing procedures with no waste of time and optimising all assets.

Our debt collection procedures can't foresee fixed costs. In fact, the quotation is the result of all our analysis and evaluations. So, it remains a variable amount related to the gained benefit.

This step includes several actions on debtor – domestic actions, actions by letter or by telephone calls- done with full protection of the person integrity and in order to make certain of the resources and willpower to fulfil the unpaid situation.

The extrajudicial debt collection procedure allow you to cash interests and expenses but it also foresee no costs in case of failure.

In addition, we can provide the precautionary evaluation about the chances of starting legal actions.

The service we provide ensures a continuous cycle status monitoring and a significant reduction about the insolvency risk.

Outsourcing stands for a real surplus value for the company that has benefit from: helped from our monitoring service, the company can easily focus its efforts on acquiring new customers and reaching annual goals, specifically the company’s core business. We can even manage deadlines, give feedbacks and periodic reports, besides maintaining the highest level of attention on business aspects and bring to the customer his own call center.

We supply evaluation about company reliability and integrity, in addition to vital statistic, economical and legal.

Using several databases, we promise to supply a continuous monitoring of customer at risk.

We provide legal aid for debt collection procedures, with the continuous support from the legal sector.
First of all, we do an accurate evaluation about the real benefit in starting legal action helped by your information about debtor’s current financial situation. So, we can give you clear pre-legal information.

We remind you that legal procedures cots are on you, as per European Community guidelines.

Thanks to the twenty-year expertise, we can provide training and updating courses for who is responsible for debt collection procedures and managers, by professional tutors.

To train people in order to become high-professional managers, means the direct improvement of the debt collection sector performances.

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