Our team

In contrast with what you can think, even our sector is one in which you cannot forget about the importance of playing in a team.

Gesture and debt collection is a very awkward activity, which need high-specialised profiles, with a long-time on field expertise and all of the theoretical principles gained in all the company's training courses.

About us

We don't care about the weight of ages.

Our agency was born in 1994, from the own professional experience of associates that operated in the sector from the end of 80's.

Far away are the times when tax collector with their own license operated door-by-door to collect debts.

A constant increase of professionalism and a long-lasting growth are succeeded to these old methods and have allowed our workforce to gain high-professional levels in order to provide customised solution for every kind of problem.

Our target: customer satisfaction.

We know how expertise and professionalism are important in our sector, but we are even conscious they are not the entirety of our work.
You can recognise our surplus value in listening and understanding customer needs, in order to deal with them in the best possible way starting from the identification of all the causes that have contributed to the specific problem.
All of these are fundamental steps that we consider necessary to have into our company in order to create a mutual route with our customer to solve the problem together, recovering claims or sometimes to prevent insolvency risk.

Everything according to the law.

We have standard licence, as per art.115 del Testo Unico di Pubblica Sicurezza, strictly necessary to act in the debt collection sector. In addition we are UNIREC associate members, that stands for high-professional and high-quality standards.