To be able to listen, to be able to understand.

One of our philosophy's best strength surely is the listening.
To be able to listen stands for to be able to pay attention to details, incentives and insights, in order to understand the psychology of the characters involved in the process. This way of work allow us to identify a specific methodology to reach the solution of the problem, for every type of them.
This is the reason why we don't consider it so common: being able to listen means to be able to understand.

We promise you quality. We make our promises real.

We don't like to do only problem-solving.
We are focussed overall in how to get the solution, absolutely respecting creditor and debtor's integrity.
Our purposes are about how to act in the best possible way, exploiting assets in the best possible way as we can give an end to the problem without waste of time, helping creditor and leaving the debtor relaxed.

Interaction with people.

A specific operating methodology set on the person's integrity safeguard and using a internal deontological code, make us experts also in interacting with people: we are always focussed on social aspects of debt collection sector and conscious of every person is different.

The importance of being a team.

One of the most important aspect for Due Effe is being part of a team.
Every our partner can count on a constantly monitoring, support from headquarter and training programs, in order to go through with the debts management and collection in the best possible way.
A constant team-working attitude is essential to create a nation-wide team of experts.